Ray Marler

Founder / President

Ray Marler has over 30 years of experience in the pipeline industry. He has been a leader or owner for 20 of those 30 years. In the businesses he ran, he insisted that integrity, reliability, and high-quality service be integrated into every project that he took on.

In the 15 years that he’s been in the owner’s box, he’s managed to direct his operational teams in such a way they have become leading authorities in Alberta pipeline maintenance.

Ray was born and raised on an acreage near Calahoo, Alberta and enjoyed living life outdoors, hunting and fishing. He also played hockey, baseball and rugby. He spent much of his adult life in Rocky Mountain House, moving his family and business to Red Deer 9 years ago.

Ray has promised his sales manager he will put more work into his golf game…

Ray spends more time working than the average person, but when he isn’t, he enjoys a private and relaxing personal life. He doesn’t have many hobbies and maybe that is because his work is his hobby. He admits that he enjoys the challenges of running Marler and the people and atmosphere around him.

While Ray takes great pride in the work that Marler does, he takes even more pride in his family. He is a husband of 25 years to Carmen, and a father of two daughters Cydney and Shelby. When he makes the time to get away from it all, it’s usually for a hunting trip or travelling with my family.