About Marler

Why Marler?

We believe our success depends on your success.

We focus, not only on our goals, but on your goals, and we tailor our offerings to help you get there.


We pride ourselves as being the most knowledgeable company in our space when it comes to any type of pigging.

In our management team alone, we have over 65 years experience in this industry. We understand what it takes to make your project a success.


Our primary commitment is to your success.

Whether it’s tool performance, operational efficiency, cost control, safety, or rapid deployment, we strive to improve every aspect of your project.

Marler is your insurance policy that you will have the best chance for a successful project, operationally and financially.


Our crews complete some of the industry’s most rigorous training. They can safely deliver innovative, cost-effective technical solutions to mitigate risk, even in extreme environments.

Because they’re extensively cross-trained they deliver more value. They stay useful on-site, rather than waiting for the ‘other guy’ to get finished. They work more closely as a team and communicate better because they understand the depth and breadth of the whole job.


Do we have flexibility in scheduling? We are highly responsive to your need for flexibility in scheduling, while providing highly qualified personnel, on-time delivery and the best equipment.

Can we meet schedule? Yes, we can, because our people are cross-trained, experienced, well-outfitted and well-managed.


Marler tools are highly specialized and represent decades of experience and innovation.

We understand the technical underpinnings of integrity work. We do our research and deliver unique equipment to make projects more effective.


We believe strong client relationships are key to successful projects.

We emphasize an open dialogue, process verification, and timely reporting.

Our team works best
when it’s working with yours

Given the high risk and expense of the projects we undertake, we consider the depth of our team to be our greatest asset.

Continuous improvement demands innovative thinking

We are thoroughly trained, well equipped, and team oriented.
We all aspire to improve with every project.

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