In-Line Inspection Support

Full ILI Support Services

Whether it be a simple caliper run, or a complicated ultrasonic inspection, we provide in-line inspection support.

Experience, training, and industry connections allow us to manage inspections to the highest standard, even under adverse conditions.

AGM Survey

Marler offers comprehensive survey capabilities to support every stage of your oil/gas project.

By collecting the best information at the survey stage, we increase the quality of the whole inspection process.

Marler uses the highest grade survey equipment to ensure your IMU inspection provides the best results possible.

We use the best Trimble premier Survey Grade GPS units, line locating equipment and base station network commercially available. This provides you with reliable information at every step of your project, no matter its size.

When tying IMU data to survey points, millimetres matter. Our equipment and experienced field personnel will ensure that you are able to efficiently locate pipeline defects when the time comes for verification and remediation.

Our surveyors and line locators have the advantage of local expertise, tier 1 equipment, and training to match.

Survey Services

  • Pipeline Above Ground Marker GPS Survey
  • Underground locating and site sweeps (TCB)
  • Depth of Cover Surveys (TCB)

Tool Tracking

We have the manpower, supervisory experience, and the equipment to track all your tool runs. We provide comprehensive tracking reports including the excel listing and documented visuals. Properly placed AGM’s and trained trackers can make all the difference in data accuracy.

Rental Equipment

Marler has the most complete inventory of ANSI Class 600, signed and stamped rental piping equipment and barrels in Canada.

Your project will be carefully outfitted with equipment to satisfy the most demanding requirements. We are specifically talented at providing solutions to create successful pig runs, where existing piping configurations previously limited this activity.

We have specialized temporary senders and receivers to accommodate the needs of your smart tools or cleaning tools, no matter their design.


We prepare launch/receive facilities (barrels, receivers). Our large inventory facilitates rapid install.

For complex solutions, we use AutoCAD and high accuracy survey equipment to create digital mock ups prior to deploying in the field.

Infield Transport

We have the equipment to support your infield transport requirements.

Marler provides high quality service and the prices for tool tracking and other support services are very competitive. PMC uses Marler Integrity for tool tracking all across Alberta.

Caitlin Heinen
Pipeline Integrity Engineer
Plains Midstream Canada