Ryan Harte

Administration and Commercial Finance Manager

Ryan has been Marler’s Administration and Commercial Finance Manager since 2019. She’s been in the Oil & Gas Industry for over 8 years, starting in a reception/AP position and quickly moving up the ranks to senior level accountant roles. Ryan graduated from NAIT in 2013 with a Bachelor of Applied Business -Major Accounting. Ryan is also a Payroll Compliance Practitioner.

Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Ryan moved to the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island when she was 12. Apparently, mild winters were not Ryan’s thing, so she opted for a much harsher climate with a move to Central Alberta in 2006.

Ryan’s Dad worked world-wide in computer programming, eventually settling in Florida. Ryan’s Mom worked in manufacturing while she was young but made the career change in Ryan’s early teens to chauffer for her kid’s sports and activities.

Ryan and her husband Blake, who she married in a COVID restricted wedding in 2021, have recently built a home in Gull Lake, Alberta.

2021 heralded the arrival of Lemmi Harte, a beautiful baby girl who regularly attends our management meetings at Marler providing much-valued input.

Ryan is still an active soccer player and has been a part of the Central Alberta Women’s Soccer Association for the past 10 years. In the winter, she loves escaping to her favorite ski resort in Whitefish, Montana, where she straps on a snowboard for a bit of R&R.